About the Gambrinusclub

The club was founded in 1978. It is the oldest club in Belgium with the highest number of members.

From 1986 on we work under a legal structure (vzw). Our aim is to bring collectors of brewery-publicity together. Therefore the club organises swap-meetings with focus on swapping. Professional dealers are banned

The Gambrinusclub organises 5 meetings per year. 2 local meetings in Deurne (Antwerp) and 3 international meetings. Amongst those 3 meetings are 2 well known places : Deinze in the month of March and Hoegaarden in November. The third one depends on the supporting brewery.

The Gambrinusclub has a quarterly magazine, called the "Gambrinus Magazine". Besides the announcement of activities and general information about the club, we have our fixed features : the new mats, the new labels, new brand names, short news from the brewery-world and also a members-corner in which members can ask for items they are looking for or items they want to offer. In each magazine we have a history of a brewery (closed or still working). We illustrate this article with a lot of pictures of the brewery and attributes of their beer(s).

We have 2 services for the members. One for beer mats(BV) and one for beer labels (BE). Twice a year a parcel is sent to the members who signed up for that service.

In our shop we sell some books. A catalogue of playing cards from Belgian breweries. The same for dripmats. The Brauerei-Verzeichnis Belgien (an inventory of 4000 Belgian breweries). We also have a book of the Belgian beer names which we are currently reworking.

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