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What do we collect?

When someone will talk about beer and breweries, you expect to hear about the different beers, brewing and the breweries themselves. But next to (or behind) that beer world there is also a collecting world. People who collect everything around the topic of beer. These collectors say they collect beer advertising props. And beer advertising attributes are very clearly definable: they are in fact all publicity articles about beer and breweries or, if you want to hear it more concretely: beer mats, beer labels, glasses, bottles, crown caps, enamel signs, playing cards (but then of course with backs bearing beer advertising), beer cans, old invoices (formerly very nicely illustrated such as Aigle Belgica) and so on. If there is a name of a beer or a brewery on it, it will find its place with a collector.

A selection of what is collected by the members of the club, but of course there is much more to collect:

Thursday, 17 March 2022